Lingwei Technology creates high-performance lidar for unmanned driving

Lidar technology is unanimously recognized by the industry due to its advantages of high ranging accuracy, strong sense of direction, fast response, unaffected by ground clutter, and can effectively feed back information required by decision-making and control systems. Among all applications, unmanned driving has the most stringent and demanding requirements. It requires a longer effective detection range, longer working time, impact resistance, anti-turbulence, and whether lidar can be applied in the field of unmanned driving on a large scale. Depends on its cost and application effect.

Suzhou Lingwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lingwei Technology), which is committed to the research and development of high-end solid-state high-resolution lidars, has product applications covering unmanned driving, advanced assisted driving, vehicle-road coordination, security monitoring, smart cities, and smart transportation , 3D modeling, industrial site monitoring, rail transit, etc., products meet the most demanding application environment.

Longer detection range, longer battery life, stronger resistance to harsh environments

The high-resolution solid-state lidar created by Lingwei Technology has a resolution of up to 480-720 lines, each line is up to 1750 pixels, a single probe reaches 1.5 million points per second, and 6 probes reaches 8.4 million points per second. The effective detection distance is It is 200 meters, and the farthest detection distance can reach 1000 meters, which meets the safety margin of vehicle regulations. The company’s solid-state distributed lidar, one host supports multiple probes, the probe is small in size, has no mechanical rotating parts, uses MEMS technology, can detect medium and long distances, has a long service life in harsh environments, has impact resistance, and is resistant to bumps Characteristics. The use of 1550nm light source can effectively alleviate problems such as rain, snow, and reduced accuracy in haze weather. Compared with low-speed products, there is only one pair of transceivers in the 480 harness, which has lower material costs and higher cost performance.

Application effects require strong, stable and efficient power supply support

Lidar has a wide range of applications, and the output voltage of the power supply system is also different. Power modules that can support a wide voltage range are very important. At the same time, the power system must ensure stable output under any working conditions, ensure the endurance of the system and the optimal design of the system, save the limited design space as much as possible, and have the characteristics of anti-EMC and EMI.

At present, Lingwei Technology has fully adopted Vicor PI3740 power conversion module in Titan M1 high-end series products. PI3740 is a power module with high conversion efficiency and power density. PI3740 can convert 8~60V power supply voltage into 12V voltage for system use. It can provide up to 140W power and up to 8A output current with up to 96% efficiency. If other voltage rails such as 5V and 3.3V are needed in the system, the POL power chip is used for secondary conversion. The Vicor power module has high integration, less peripheral components, and convenient and flexible design. The Vicor technical support team worked closely with the system engineers of Lingwei Technology to carry out multiple tests such as high and low temperature, impact, extreme, and load aging in the system test. The power module is reliable and stable, and the product introduction and evaluation work is progressing quite smoothly.

Lidar of the future

In the future, lidar will develop towards low cost, solid state, and mass production. In the field of unmanned driving applications, the overall direction is still to achieve higher resolution and accuracy of lidar to further ensure the safety of unmanned driving. I believe that with the cooperation of Vicor’s support team, future new products will bring a brand new experience to users.

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