Losing Huawei/NV orders, TSMC retains AMD: develop exclusive 5nm

In the 7nm era, TSMC has won a big victory. The just-announced financial report for the first quarter of this year shows that its revenue continued to grow year-on-year, of which 7nm wafer sales accounted for 35%, making it the absolute leader.

However, the latest news is that Huawei has reduced its orders for the next-generation HiSilicon 5G SoC, and NVIDIA has also decided to choose Samsung to manufacture its next-generation GPU products.

Of course, even so, TSMC’s 5nm customers are still coming, not to mention Apple, Qualcomm, and AMD. Interestingly, it is reported that TSMC will develop a proprietary 5nm process for AMD to strengthen its relationship with AMD.

According to the official roadmap, AMD’s 5nm products include Zen 4, RDNA3, CDNA2, etc. This set of special 5nm is estimated to be specially customized for high-performance computing. After all, AMD’s requirements for power consumption and transistor scale are not the same as those of Apple and Qualcomm’s SoCs. all the same.

Also, back to the Huawei we just mentioned. Although mobile phone SoC orders have decreased, Huawei has simultaneously increased its base station chip foundry orders, and TSMC has not lost much.

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