Measures for the Springback of Automotive Metal Stamping Parts

Measures for processing rebound of automobile stamping parts

The automobile is composed of countless stamping parts in the middle of the manufacturing process. However, the springback management method of automotive metal stamping parts, the inspection characteristics of automotive stamping parts processing, stamping parts urgently include all kinds of metal stamping parts, precision hardware accessories, and electronics. The components are spliced ​​together.

The automobile is composed of countless stamping parts in the middle of the manufacturing process. The emergency stamping parts are made up of all kinds of metal stamping parts, precision hardware accessories, and electronic components.

The manufacturing quality of stamping parts has a great influence on the quality of the whole vehicle, especially for cars and various passenger cars. In the manufacture of stamping parts, regardless of the large-scale stamping parts, interior parts, welders that have cumbersome space and many shapes, or for easy small stamping parts, interior parts, etc., relatively more professional use The inspection fixture (referred to as the inspection fixture) is used as an emergency inspection method to control the product quality between procedures. Inspection fixture inspection has the advantages of rapid, accurate, intuitive, convenient, etc., which is especially suitable for the needs of mass manufacturing. After the mid-80s period, with the rapid development of the car and bus industries, the application of stamping parts inspection tools in China’s automobile industry has been matched.

The springback of metal stamping parts is a difficult question for automobile stamping parts. At present, there is no perfect technique to cure the springback of stamping parts. We need to further study the question of springback of stamping parts. What does it affect automotive metal stamping? What are the ingredients for the springback of parts processing?

1. Material performance

There are stamping parts with different strengths on the car body, from ordinary plates to high-strength plates, different plates have different yield strengths. The higher the yield strength of the plates, the easier it is to spring back.

2. Material thickness

During the forming process, the thickness of the sheet has a very large influence on the bending performance. As the thickness of the sheet increases, the springback phenomenon will gradually decrease. This is because as the thickness of the sheet increases, the material involved in plastic deformation increases, and the elastic recovery deformation also increases. Increase, so the rebound becomes smaller.

3. Part shape

The springback of parts with different shapes is very different. For parts with complex shapes, a sequence of reshaping is generally added to prevent springback when forming is not in place. There are more parts with special shapes that are relatively prone to springback, such as U-shaped parts. In the analysis of the forming process, the springback compensation event must be considered.

4. Part blank holder force

Blank holder force The stamping forming process is a serious process miss. By optimizing the blank holder force by continuity, the movement direction of the material can be adjusted and the stress distribution in the material can be improved. The increased blank holder force can double the drawing of the part, especially the side wall and the R angle position of the part. If the forming is adequate, the difference between the surface and the inside stress will be reduced, thereby reducing the springback.

5. Drawbead

Drawbeads are widely used in today’s processes, and the drawing position is reasonably configured, which can effectively change the material activity deviation and effectively distribute the feed resistance on the blanking surface, thereby improving the material formability, and when it is prone to rebound The drawing bead is arranged on the part, which will make the part shape more abundant, the stress distribution will be more uniform, and the springback will be reduced.

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