Microsoft releases Win10 1903/1909 update: fixes a large number of problems

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Today, Microsoft released a new optional update KB4535996 for Windows 10 Verison 1903 and Version 1909. After installation, the version number rose to Build 18362.693 and Build 18363.693.

Because these two feature updates use the same core, the two optional updates released today have the same content, and both include functional improvements to Windows Mixed Reality and Windows Search. The main contents of the optional update KB4535996 are:

1. Fixed an issue that prevented the voice application from needing to be opened for a few minutes in a high-noise environment.

2. Fixed the problem of reducing the image quality in the Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) home environment.

3. Fixed an issue that may prevent ActiveX content from loading.

4. Improve battery performance in Modern Standby mode.

5. Fixed the problem that Microsoft Narrator stopped working when the user session exceeded 30 minutes

6. Fixed adding the unwanted keyboard layout as the default keyboard layout after the upgrade

7. Fixed the problem that caused the Windows search box to not be displayed correctly.

8. Fixed the problem that caused the printer setting user interface to not be displayed correctly.

9. Fixed an issue that prevented certain applications from printing to network printers.

Many users complained about the search problem before, this time it is the main improvement of Microsoft. Judging from the current user update situation, there is no problem. If you are worried about a car overturning, you can wait and see.

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