Mould CAM reduces cycle times by 25-30%

DP Technology’s latest release of ESPRIT mold includes significant performance increases for the 3D programmer that reduce cycle times by 25-50% or more.

The latest versions of computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) software written by CAM industry leader DP Technology, ESPRIT 2008 and ESPRIT Mold v9, will be shown at the 19th Design Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions Expo, or DMS, in Tokyo, Japan June 25-27, 2008 Upgrades available include the following.

Turning stock automation for lathes.

* EDM machine specific machining technology.

* Improved 3D machining performance.

Open pocket milling.

* Expanded CAD to CAM feature exchange (FX).

* Enhanced KnowledgeBase machining (KBM) functionality.

* B-axis turning for 5-axis mill-turn centres.

The latest release of ESPRIT Mold includes significant performance increases for the 3D programmer that result in the reduction of cycle times of 25-50% or more, said DP Technology to manufacturingtalk, while simultaneously increasing part quality and reducing programming time and effort.

On display at the 19th Design Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions Expo, enhancements within ESPRIT 2008 and ESPRIT Mold v9reduce the time required to produce part programs, increase the quality of those programs and help reduce machining cycle times, said DP technology.

* About ESPRIT – ESPRIT is a high-performance computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system for a full range of machine tool applications.

ESPRIT delivers powerful full-spectrum programming for 2- to 5-axis milling, 2- to 22-axis turning, 2- to 5-axis wire EDM, multitasking mill-turn machining and B-axis machine tools, and high-speed 3- and 5-axis machining.

ESPRIT’s high-performance capabilities include machining any part geometry (solid, surface, or wireframe), universal post processing to format G-code for virtually any machine tool, and solid simulation and verification with dry runs rendered in dynamic solids for optimal part quality and consistency.

ESPRIT is 100% pure Microsoft Windows, and provides a comfortable and familiar user interface for maximum productivity.

* About DP Technology – DP Technology is a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software market leader with a mission to provide CNC programmers with the most powerful CAM software ever.

DP Technology’s flagship product, ESPRIT, captures the company’s vision of technology’s potential and its passion for excellence.

DP Technology maintains its worldwide headquarters in Camarillo, California, USA, and product development teams in California and Florence, Italy.

Sales and support operations are located in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

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