Mould injection balance

High quality mould China offer you a fine molding solution for the thinwall parts.We not only use high precision tooling machines for the thinwall moulds,but also have advanced design for the mould injection balance adjusting system.

For the thinwall mould,the most important is injection balance.If the mould with obvious eccentricity,there will have injection problem for the thinwall moulds.Usually we use stainless steel material for the thinwall moulds,which could avoid the steel corrosive and do not affect the wall thickness.

We design the wear plate system for the thinwall moulds,which could adjust the mould eccentricity easily after the mould is assembled.We could control the thickness difference within 0.01mm.

Sino Mould China could offer you high quality injection moulds.We offer a turnkey solution for the thinwall molding line and IML molding line.Thanks.

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