Mould making company China

There are tens thousand of mould making company in China for different kindly of plastic moulds.When we want to find a new supplier for the mould invest,we need to check the mould factory as well as mould price.

As a top ten mould maker in China,Sino Mould is specialized in plastic injection moulds,we make about 1500sets of moulds annually.We are good at making household moulds,industry using moulds,packing moulds,thinwall moulds and daily using moulds.

Compared to the other mould company,Sino Mould has an effective managing way for the mould quality control from mould design,mould tooling to mould testing.For every type of moulds,we have our special engineers.Usually we will have new mould meeting to discuss about the mould structure before mould tooling.During the production,our engineers will also check every part carefully and inspection its dimensions.

Sino Mould pay much attention on the mould quality,that is not only for a qualified sample,we must make sure the mould could run in our customers’ workshop smoothly and high production efficiency.Please feel free to contact me  if there is any question about injection moulding industry.

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