ChinaTECH is a professional manufacturer of seamless pipes and tubes, including Domestic Sales Department and International Sales Department. Our factory is in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, together with our domestic sales team, but our international sales office is in Jiaxing City. The picture above is taken in our international office. 

Our international sales team is a big family and an excellent team. It consists of three Sales Departments, Financial Department, Document Department and Quality Inspection Department. All the members have good awareness of teamwork, now our international sales performance is becoming better and better because of our excellent teamwork as well as the good sales ability. 

ChinaTECH not only pay attend to the achievement of staff, but also the culture of enterprise. The company purses “Human centered Concept”. We will regularly arrange activities, such as traveling, hiking, barbecue, watching movie, fishing, etc. And we will organize birthday party for the staffs as well. 

Personally, ChinaTECH is a nice team, I hope all of the members will get better and better in the future.   


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