Multi-cavity crate moulds

Multi-cavity crate moulds China is specialized in manufacturing 2cavity crate moulds and four cavity crate moulds.We make about 150sets of crate moulds annually.We also make other large sizeindustry using moulds for pallet moulds,dust bin mould,box pallet mould,container mould and so on.

Sometimes the customer has a heavy requirement for the crate quantity,and they do not want to add the work labor during the production,so we will suggest to make multi-cavity crate moulds.

For the 4cavity crate mould with the crate size 400*300*120mm,we could make optimized cooling system design and mould operating structure.With a good injection molding machine,the cycle time could reach to 28s for the 4cavity crate mould.That means we could produce about 12000pcs crates per day.

Multi-cavity crate moulds China could supply you not only one set of crate mould,but also a turnkey project for the molding line,include new factory checking,crate mould,molding machine and necessary additional machines.We are sure we could offer you high quality moulds with good service.2-cavity crate moulds,4-cavity crate mould China,industry using mould supplier,pallet mould manufacturer China,dust bin mould maker China.

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