New Thermal and Valve-Gate Nozzles and Controller

A thermal-gate nozzle that’s the smallest in a line designed for hot-half applications, a valve-gate style for single-nozzle applications, and a multi-zone hot-runner temperature controller are all new from Mastip North America, Slinger, Wis. The new MX 9 series nozzle with a 9-mm-diam. nozzle allows center-to-center spacing as tight as 10 mm. It joins a line with a 13-, 16- and 19-mm models. The MX 9 has the heater in the front of the manifold for easy access and maintenance. The nozzles are offered in various open-nut, sprue-nut, or bush-nut designs and lengths from 45 to 175 mm. Mastip extended its SX line of thermal-gate nozzles for single-nozzle applications with a new line of valve-gate types with nozzle tips similar to Mastip’s BX line, which is made for manifold applications. The SX valve gate comes with 16-, 19- or 27-mm-diam. nozzles and lengths from 45 to 275 mm. Mastip also introduced its K Series temperature controller, its largest ever, designed for stack molds. It can handle up to 240 zones and adjust each nozzle quickly. The controller is available in increments of 30 zones.

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