Paint bucket drop testing

Paint bucket is a necessary packaging for oil paint,during shipping there are many sudden conditions.So how to make a qualified paint bucket is very important.That will depend on mould quality,bucket plastic raw material and final inspection.

When we are checking a paint bucket after injection molding,first we could check like the other daily using products,for the out shape no flashes and no burrs,the lid and bucket matching is nice,the handle and bucket matching is OK;After that,we could fill water into bucket to check if it is water proof,usually it will take 24hours or 48hours.For the paint bucket,most customers will also required to do drop testing,this is for the safety during shipping.

For paint bucket drop testing,different types of the buckets will required different drop testing,if the paint bucket could pass drop testing or not will depend on the raw material,wall thickness of the bucket and also lid and bucket matching structure.According to our experience,there are several testing methods,such as bucket filled with water and then closed the cover well:
1. Put the bucket at the height 1.4m,45degree with horizontal line,then falling freely;
2. Put the bucket at the height 1m,parallel to the horizontal line,then falling freely,test twice;
3. Stack 5pcs or 8pcs paint buckets,push them to fall down,then do the drop testing one by one.

If the customer order the paint bucket moulds which required drop testing for the buckets,it is better advice us at the beginning,we will check if the matching structure could pass the drop testing or not.If not,we could give suggestion for how to improve the matching structure.Please feel free to contact me if there is any question.Thanks.

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