Part cnc processing plant analyzes workpiece feed route

"cnc machining Center" is a kind of mechanical processing. It is a new type of processing technology. It is mainly to process the processing program. It is to transform the original manual work into computer programming. Of course, it still needs the experience of manual processing. Part CNC machining plants need to do so to process the customer's drawings into the required parts.The part cnc processing factory will pre-judicate the machining route before, and determine when it is necessary to use the finishing. In fact, the feed route is determined, usually the roughing is determined, and the route of the blank machining is also determined. In the process of CNC lathe processing, it is generally necessary to follow several principles to determine the processing route. Firstly, the workpiece to be processed must reach a certain level, and secondly, the shortest processing line should be sought, so that the processing speed can be accelerated and the overall processing can be realized. The time is much reduced. Minimize numerical calculations. If there are some programs that are duplicated, then be sure to keep them in advance so that you can avoid reprogramming when processing.At the same time, CNC machining also has its own advantages, which can greatly reduce the number of tooling and does not require any dress. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the machining program, instead of changing all the tools, etc., for the development and modification of new products. At the time of processing, the quality is also guaranteed, and the precision of the processing is high, which is in line with the processing requirements of the aircraft.

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