PennEngineering files complaints against fastener manufacturers

PennEngineering®, Danboro, Pa., has served complaints on six fastener manufacturers that attended the National Industrial Fastener Show/West in Las Vegas in November.

The complaint alleges that the six companies, four Chinese, one Taiwanese, and one American, exhibited and offered for sale products that violate PennEngineering’s trademarks and patents. PennEngineering said it asked a federal district court in Nevada to require those companies to stop their infringing activities and award PennEngineering appropriate damages. The PEM® products in question include Types PF11, PF12, PFC2P, PFHV, AC, AS, LAC, LAS, FH, SKC, and TPS.

The action is part of an ongoing strategy by PennEngineering to assure its customers that they are receiving legitimate PEM products. The company manufactures self-clinching, broaching, weld, and surface-mount fasteners and fastener-installation equipment.

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