Pipe Fitting Mould Solution

SinoMould has rich experience in making different types pipe fitting moulds. For different material pipe fittings, there would be different solutions.

– PVC Pipe Fitting Mould

PVC material has good tensile and compressive strength, can be used for residential, mining, agricultural water supply and drainage, irrigation, gas supply and exhaust pipe fittings, rain pipe fittings, industrial corrosion pipe fittings. Due to PVC material is corrosive, mould need stainless steel to avoid mould corroded. Our company standard steel for PVC pipe fitting mould is DIN1.2316 steel.


– PE and PPR Pipe Fitting Mould

PE pipe fitting has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, easy to bend and convenient construction. PPR pipe fitting mainly used in indoor heating system heating pipe. PE and PPR pipe fitting can use normal mould steel, such as P20, 718 etc as per your productivity. Our company will choose the best solution according to your pipe fittings and your machines.


To find a professional mould company for making pipe fitting is very important. After more than two decade years’ continuous exploration, SinoMould has a complete set of perfect pipe fitting mold design system and manufacturing process. Every details of the design have been carefully analyzed and verified.


Looking for excellent pipe fitting mould solutions? SinoMould will be your best choice, contact us today!

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