Plastic Folding Crate Mould

Plastic folding crate have a wide range of applications in daily life, and more and more companies and individuals are choosing it to store or transport various items. Sino Mould specializes in manufacturing various types of folding crate mould, including fruit crate, thin-walled crate, vegetable crate, bread crate, milk crate, bottle crate, etc. Not only that, we can also help you set up the folding crate production line—Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


The following are some key points of folding crate moulds:


1. Material and die steel

When the crate material is PP, it is recommended to use 2738 as the mold steel material, which has uniform hardness, superior processing and polishing performance, and the manufactured crate is more durable. In addition, P20, DIN1.2316, 718H, S136 and other steel materials are also available.


2. Interchangeable design

For various types of folding crate moulds, we have interchangeable designs based on their characteristics, such as: height interchangeability, weight interchangeability, grid interchangeability, and handle interchangeability to help customers reduce mold costs.


3. Hot runner system

We use different valve gate hot runner systems and manifold designs for different cavities to achieve injection balance.


4. Cooling system

Adding Becu to local steel materials can achieve the best cooling effect and greatly shorten the molding cycle.


If you are looking for an excellent plastic folding crate manufacturer, please contact us.

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