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Last month, we just finished the Canton Fair in Guangzhou and ChinaPlas exhibition in Shanghai. Many customers ask for the good plastic product turnkey line solution supplier.


As the plastic products has a highly requirements on the market, there are more and more businessmen turn to make such project. But most of them do not have enough experience in making plastic molding and building a new factory, it is a very complicated process. Even though they may know which kinds of machine they should have, they can hardly choose which machines are really suitable for their products. In this way, finding a professional supplier of turnkey line solution is significant.


Sino Holdings Group is a leader supplier of turnkey line solution, as it has China MOULD Co., Ltd and Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd. Sino Mould has 24 years experience in manufacturing the plastic molds and Dakumar Machinery can offer customers all kinds of the injection machines, such as servo motor machine, variable injection molding machine, PET machine, PVC machine, High speed machine and double-color machine. Our rich experience can help you arrange a factory well to maximize your profits and save energy.


According the product you want to make, Sino can help you to choose the suitable injection machine and necessary auxiliary equipment. You only offer us the picture of you factory with the dimension, we can help you to design the water& electric line and the machine layout. When all the machine and tools are ready, Sino will send our professional engineers to your factroy, help you set the machines and teach your workers how to use them, Sino must make sure all your production line can start well.


Sino has a professional after service team. During the production, if you have any production problem, you can feel free to contact us, it is better explain the problem with the related picture or video. Then our engineer will give you an effective solution as soon as possible.


Every year, Sino offer turnkey line solution for dozens of customers, our fine solutions help them to save cost and time, and we will be fully responsible for the solution, which let them be free of worries.


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