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Our company made lots of daily using molds like chair molds, table molds, dustbin molds. Here we would like to talk about the fruit plate molds. We are plastic fruit plate mold manufacture located in Taizhou city Zhejiang province China. We export 1200 sets molds each year around. And among that, we make 400 sets daily using molds.

Good product design for the daily using products is important. It will have effect on the market selling. Our design team has rich experience. we can offer you some suggestions for the product design. For example, many customers buy some ready sample from supermarket or from competitors. We can make the suggestion for you to modify on the design to let it better and also can avoid you touch country law due to copy.

After confirmed the product design, the rest works is on our side. We all know daily using mold structure is not complex. So we will take care on the mold tooling, molding assembly and mold polishing. To avoid any flash on the parting line. Also should guarantee the surface should without shrink mark, black point and so on. Usually we will suggest 718H for the daily using molds. This steel is cost effective. The price is lower than DIN1.2738 Germany steel and the quality is better than P20.

I worked in plastic molding area for more than 7 years. Please feel free to contact with me if you have demand in the plastic molds. We are experienced in plastic fruit plate mold manufacture. Don’t be hesitated to contact with me.


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