PP Sealants for BOPP Run Faster and Clearer

A new family of Adsyl PP sealing resins from Basell North America, Wilmington, Del., is designed to run on the latest generation of high-speed BOPP film lines. Based on Basell’s Catalloy technology, these new grades are said to set a new standard for 105 C seal-layer materials. The “ST” designation in new Adsyl 5C30F ST, 5D37F ST, and 5C39F ST stands for “speed” and “transparency.” In European customer trials, these resins reportedly ran at up to 420 meters/min, well above the norm of 300 to 350 m/min, according to Basell. What’s more, the company says these resins outperform standard PP in clarity. In a 20-micron fi lm, Adsyl ST resins achieve transparency nearly 25% higher than film made of conventional PP. Customer trials using Adsyl ST reportedly also produced films with fewer defects and more uniform thickness profile. Tel: (302) 683-8000 • www.basellmold.wiki

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