Precautions after car filming

Matters needing attention after car filming:

  • 1. After the car is pasted, avoid lifting and lowering the windows within three days;
  • 2, do not wash the car within three days;
  • 3. Vehicles with sunroof within three days are in motion, especially at high speed, do not open the sunroof;
  • 4. After applying the film in winter, it is recommended that you do not lift the windows or wash the car within a week. It takes about a month for the front and rear gears to dry out. During the day, the front block should be basked in the direction of the sun. *It is worth noting that the back block heating line cannot be turned on within one month, because if the heating line is turned on after the film is applied in winter, bubbles will be generated near the heating line, which cannot be repaired, which will cause unnecessary losses and troubles.
  • 5. If you encounter blistering on the edge of the film, you should go to the construction site to repair it within 24 hours. After the time is exceeded, the glue around the bubble has dried up and the film can no longer move. There will be creases during processing.
  • 6. It is forbidden to stick strong adhesive labels directly on the film within one month after the film is applied, so as to avoid partial separation of the film from the glass.

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