Precautions for machining of complex CNC machined parts

Focus on cnc machining, mainly providing CNC machining, precision machining, CNC machining, CNC machining of complex EDM parts, etc.Complex curved surface products have always been difficult problems encountered by CNC engineers and technicians in actual processing. How to clamp, how to position, how to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of clamping, and how to choose the machining route and tool all require in-depth consideration Only by sophisticated design and repeated practice can it be gradually improved.CNC technicians have accumulated more successful experience and technical data on CNC machining of curved products by providing complex curved parts to a world-renowned professional lighting solution supplier. The technicians who focus on CNC machined believe that it is necessary to do CNC machining of complex curved surfaces.In-depth thought and design must be done in the following areas:
1. The design and production of the jig should consider the clamping efficiency and durability, and at the same time take into account the needs of processing positioning. During mass production, provide clear product clamping specifications for front-line employees to ensure stable and reliable product processing quality;
2. The choice of cutting tools is particularly important in curved surface processing, especially copper materials with higher grades and lower hardness, which are prone to sticking knife during processing, and once sticking knife appears, it will cause fatal damage to the fixture This affects the use and accuracy of the fixture, so the material performance characteristics of CNC processed products must be fully considered when selecting tools and designing fixtures;
3. How to make simple and effective measurement fixtures for the inspection and design of curved products to facilitate on-site production quality control and supervision, ensure product quality, reduce inspection costs and reduce the risk of quality failure.
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