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We are the manufacturer of New Products.
We provide Verification for Product Designers.
We provide Standards for Product Manufacturers.
We provide the perfect rapid prototyping experience and assist clients in achieving their designs.

The advantages of Rapid prototyping:

1.CNC in accordance with client’s CAD date, produce Rapid prototyping or Direct Part Productions. CNC Rapid prototyping can complete test the shape of product and parts of functions.You can also finish a product in short time.

2.SLA can use 3D data in .stl file format to produce high resolution form, fit and functional parts in a matter of hours.SLA is excellent for rapid production of small electronics, appliances, and medical devices.We are the manufacturer of New Products.

3.Silicone mold Making is a cost effective Rapid Tooling process often used in the production of Rapid Prototypes. Parts with intricate shapes and surface details can be Vacuum Cast or Pressure Cast with limited shrinkage and properties that simulate production materials.
①CNC Rapid Precision Machining     ②SLA Rapid Rrototyping
③Rapid Vacuum Casting                   ④Posr Production Finishing

If you have some project want to make Rapid prototyping,welcome send 3D drawing to us.

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