Reasonable application of CNC Machining Center tool

cnc machining center in high speed machining process, should maintain a steady load throughout the cutting process, avoiding sudden changes of direction, decrease the feed or the cutter stops to avoid abrupt change in direction. Tool path when in doubt, follow these policies:CNC machining center in high-speed processing should be mainly the climb to reduce tool wear and improve processing accuracy. According to the hierarchical principle of shallow, small depth of cut by using the proper hierarchical route to realize the rationality and stability of load. Should be added at the corner arc passes to prevent velocity vector of mutation on the corner to avoid tool rapid changes in load. CNC machining center to the corner arc passes and sharp passes, that outside corner to increase arc passes, d-corner gradient is illustrated.In the processing of CNC machining center Planar Zigzag may transfer additional arcs across the tool path for two adjacent lines, to form a smooth side to the move tool (as shown in Figure 3). In space two-way cutting processing in the, can used space arc moved knife, and space inside arc moved knife, and space outside side arc moved knife and "Golf" type transition moved knife, variety extends transition form, such both guarantee has tool track of smooth sex, and effective avoid has two lines of turn hard bent phenomenon, this turned received method General using in various surface high-speed milling cut in the.To avoid NC processing center in shape profile Shang method to directly into knife and back knife, should used spiral, and arc and slash way retreat knife, guarantee smooth retreat knife, on steep surface and non-steep surface of fine processing, for prevent cutting load of sharply changes, NC processing Center application different of method put steep surface and non-steep surface separate processing, can improve cutting speed, while makes parts surface of rough degrees uniform.Previous: NC machining of three factorsNext: Main contents of routine maintenance of cnc machine tools

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