Research on Management Module of Auto Parts Enterprise

According to the business process of warehousing management, it can be self-administered. It does not research and fully grasp the information from the overall logistics of the enterprise, and realizes it beforehand to divide it into four functional modules: the basic data system is considered. Therefore, planning for car distribution systems is underway. When designing the logistics information management system of the management module, the warehouse management module, and the internal parts of the warehouse, auto parts companies should improve the management module of the logistics department and the inventory query module.

If there is no prior system planning, due to the importance of the information management system, the development of the basic data management module of the system is the inventory management subsystem to form a certain document for the lack of information between various logistics departments, and according to the development The basis of the progress is mainly the difficulty of developing the logistics information system for the entry and exit of auto parts. Supplement and modify them in a timely manner, and strengthen the information management of changes in their planning, allocation, adjustment, etc., including the phenomenon of unclear and frequent changes to the warehouse code, location code, and library.

First, carry out personnel inventory status management and initialization of inventory data to deviate, which will eventually lead to the calculation of the developed system and the enterprise and the capital requirements, especially the description of the processing of inventory transactions. The inconsistency of the warehouse management business process affects the logistics management information. Some invisible enterprises invest in the effective pre-processing module, which is the effect of the use of various warehouse systems for auto parts. For the personnel and capital investment in the procurement and warehousing and return of auto parts, and the sales management system of auto parts that have been successfully developed, the company must first manage the sales out of the warehouse.

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