RFID parking system perception function and trend analysis

With the progress and development of society, people’s lifestyles are undergoing profound changes. The traffic congestion in the city is one of the phenomena caused by this change. Due to the increase in traffic facilities in the city, traffic congestion and even chaos have brought great inconvenience to people’s lives, forcing people to seek high-tech effective means to solve this inconvenience. The intelligent parking lot is a high-tech product that meets the needs of this era.

According to data, first-tier cities in East China, such as Suzhou, Nanjing, and Shanghai, have planned to build large three-dimensional parking lots in several major transportation hubs throughout the city for many years. The construction of large-scale parking lots will help to improve the tightness of parking spaces, but at the same time it will also bring about management problems for large-scale parking lots. For example, in the parking lot of Shanghai Grand Gateway, there are nearly 1,200 parking spaces. Owners who occasionally park their cars often spend more than half an hour searching for their vehicles because they are confused about the original parking position. How to effectively detect whether there is a car in the parking space? How to effectively solve the statistics of parking spaces in large parking lots has become an urgent problem. RFID technology facilitates the application of smart parking lots.

Parking lot demand analysis and RFID application background The construction of transportation infrastructure and vehicle safety management is an increasingly important topic faced by every urban construction planner. Intelligent parking lots are suitable for various public places (communities, enterprises, government agencies, airports, railway stations, hotels, supermarkets, etc.). In these places, the problems of parking difficulty and parking management are common. Especially in some high-end communities, enterprises, and government agencies, the contradictions are becoming more and more prominent, parking management is full of loopholes, and disputes between car owners and property managers continue. RFID parking lot applications can effectively solve these problems, so that car owners have a more convenient and comfortable parking environment, and make the work of the parking lot management department more complete and easy. Not only can it establish a brand-new image of property management, but it can also rigorously rigorous toll management procedures and effectively strengthen the safety management of vehicles.

RFID smart parking lot is based on the mature development and successful application of RFID technology, an industry that is popular internationally and is increasingly valued in China. Its non-controllability, anti-interference, anti-impact, rapid identification, intelligent discrimination and other characteristics, undoubtedly provide a brand-new solution for the management of various parking lots.

RFID technology is applied to the intelligent parking lot system. With the support of advanced communication technology, sensor technology, automatic control and other new technologies in the security field, people have realized the real-time management of the “smart parking lot”, and the application of RFID technology perceiving the entry and exit of vehicles was born. According to reports, RFID technology, also known as radio frequency identification technology, is a communication technology that can identify specific targets and read and write related data through radio signals without the need to establish mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and specific targets. RFID technology can read multiple vehicle information in batches through radio waves, and its practicality far exceeds barcode recognition.

RFID technology breaks through the technical bottleneck of parking lot management. Its basic working principle is that after the tag enters the magnetic field, it receives the radio frequency signal from the reader, and uses the energy obtained by the induced current to send out the product information stored in the chip, or actively send some information. A signal of one frequency; after the information is read and decoded by the reader, it is sent to the central information system for relevant data processing.

In general parking lots, due to the constant movement of vehicles, the parking spaces change quite a lot, and it is often difficult to effectively manage them. RFID technology concentrates the application of many high-tech applications in the highway automatic toll collection system, such as radio communication, computer network, information processing, and automatic control. It uses the on-board electronic tag to automatically exchange information with the microwave antenna installed on the roadside or on the door frame. The central control computer recognizes the vehicle’s tag based on the information stored in the electronic tag, which greatly reduces the management difficulty of the parking lot.

When a vehicle enters a lane equipped with RFID technology and drives through the ground induction coil set in the lane, the ground induction coil will induce and generate a pulse signal, which starts the radio frequency identification system; controlled by the reader The unit controls the antenna to search for whether an electronic tag enters the effective reading and writing range of the reader. The reader can be a reading or reading device according to the structure and technology used, as the core of the RFID system information control and processing.

What perception functions does the RFID smart parking system have?

As far as the functions of the RFID smart parking lot system produced by an enterprise are concerned, in addition to self-loading of charging standards, equipment monitoring and management, barriers with complete and safe anti-smashing functions, and one-card-one-vehicle logic interlocking, there are other functions. Intelligent functions.

1) The license plate recognition system can effectively prevent the theft of the vehicle through the automatic license plate recognition system. When the vehicle reads the card or takes the card to enter the parking lot, the system will take a picture of the license plate and save the picture as the vehicle entry inspection data in the owner’s database in the computer. When the vehicle reads the card and leaves the parking lot, the system It will also take pictures of the license plate, and save the picture as the vehicle inspection data to the owner’s database in the computer. At the same time, the license plate image will be displayed when the entrance of the car is automatically called up for accurate comparison to confirm whether the vehicle is in normal use. , Thereby enhancing the anti-theft function, and making post-event inspections more accurate and easy to prepare.

2) Information display High-brightness LED display, even in the sun, the displayed information is still clearly visible, and the content of the information is concise and concise, which can give the owner a clear reminder without delaying the time for the vehicle to enter the venue.

3) The voice prompts are convenient and thoughtful. The pluggable digital voice module is convenient for system integration and upgrade. It has a large storage capacity to meet the output of a variety of voice prompts.

Full video intelligent parking lot is the future development trend. Intelligent parking lot can focus on solving the problems of parking difficulty, difficulty in finding a car, slow traffic speed, single payment method and so on that people encounter during parking. It is a modern that fully meets people’s practical needs. parking lot. Many advanced security technologies have been introduced into domestic smart parking lots, among which high-definition cameras will play a more important role.

With the development of security technology, the development direction of domestic parking lots will tend towards the direction of full video intelligent parking lots. The “smart parking” mode with integrated management and service has gradually gained more and more consumers’ favor.

The future full video intelligent parking lot will be a comprehensive solution to the parking problem. It has an excellent advantage in integrating parking system resources. It can realize the rapid entry and parking of vehicles, and then quickly find cars when the owners return to the parking lot. A series of complete and fully automated functions such as payment. So as to effectively solve the social problems of slow parking, slow payment, difficulty in parking, and difficulty in finding a car in parking lots, including shopping malls, airports and other public places due to the large traffic volume, and optimize the resources of the parking lot.

The optimized allocation of resources for the full-video intelligent parking lot is fully reflected in the use and management. In terms of use, the security technology applications in this kind of parking lot are all digital operations, which can provide convenience for car owners and managers at the same time to improve the efficiency of the parking lot, avoid manual management loopholes, and save labor costs. The security equipment of the smart parking lot can increase the utilization rate of the parking lot and realize the rational use of limited resources. Car owners will have LED parking guide screens and indicator lights to help find vacant parking spaces as soon as they enter the venue, and then return to the parking lot and enter the license plate number on the query machine to quickly find the car, and enjoy the ease of a series of integrated processes such as convenient payment. Comfortable parking experience is a solution provided by the full-video intelligent parking lot for people’s parking difficulties.

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