Silica’s application

1> in rubber applications: reinforcement of silicone rubber, fumed silica is the foremost. When adding fumed silica can improve the maximum strength after 40 times, can raise the yield point modulus of around 1O times, elongation, creep properties can be quite significant improvement.

2> sealants and adhesives from the application: used as a thickener and thixotropic agent, can boost the bond strength to be sure the free flow of preventing caking and sagging in the curing period, scattered fall, depression, to maintain transparency , Reinforcement, shear and so forth.

3> Application in plastics: Plastic products can boost the density, finish and wear resistance. If, through appropriate surface modification, you can achieve the purpose of strengthening and toughening of plastic concurrently. Fumed silica will be included in the polyethylene, by special methods, can silica dispersed inside the matrix, a process of high wear.

4> thixotropic polyester gel coat resin application: increase the risk for product more uniform thickness, shrinkage, more in accordance with design requirements

5> From the putty application: a good anti-settling effect and ideal thixotropy.

6>in coatings applications: to deliver anti-caking, anti-sagging, emulsification, extinction, suspending, thickening and thixotropic as well as other functions.

Comprehensive news about silicone and casting

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