Silicone Spatula Set Makes Cooking Easier

Professional silicone spatula set: our spatula set includes slotting shovel, slotting spoon, flexible spatula, slotting shovel, solid shovel, spaghetti shovel, solid spoon, kitchen pliers, drain spoon, spoon, oven gloves, blender, deep spoon, shovel and brush. 11 different cookware to match your dishes, make cooking easier.

Food grade materials: silicone spatula set is made of durable food grade safety materials. BPA Free. No rust. Not easy to break or bend. It's not easy to melt and there's no head to pop open these scrapers, which means healthier cooking and fewer cleaning needs.

High quality: the  silicone spatula set can withstand the high temperature of 450-450 degrees Fahrenheit (about 230-250 degrees Celsius), so you can directly mix and stir it into a pan. Soft silicone won't scratch your expensive non stick cookware, pots and pans. They are designed to extend the life of all kitchen pans.

Strong and durable: the handle of  silicone spatula set is made of high-grade wooden and durable silica gel, which is durable and can be used for a long time without wear. The design will not bend, break or rust.

Perfect kitchen tools: 16 different types of cooking spatula set with their unique functions will become your kitchen helper! For anyone who likes cooking, it is the best gift for your friends and family!

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