some effect of Cutting tools materials on quality in CNC machining fields

Over the years, users have used milling cutters and inserts from various tool manufacturers interchangeably in accordance with standard regulations. 
However, these standards impose various restrictions on milling cutters and inserts, specifying the shape, thickness and inscribed circle of the cutting insert, the size of the insert seat and the wedge clamp, and the size of the cutter body. Due to the limited design range of insert materials, cutting edges, and chipbreakers, cutting-edge tool suppliers and applications are limited by machining capabilities.
   However, today, the concept of milling cutters is becoming more flexible, providing tool developers with the freedom to adopt new tool and insert designs. These designs can be optimized. The new tool concept can be used to better solve the safety, accuracy, and accuracy of machining. Surface quality, metal removal rate, tool overhang, high-speed cutting, and the ability of different cutting paths.   Today's milling tools are constantly being optimized to meet the needs of modern production, machine tools and documentation, and are widely accepted by all industries. The new tool has several times faster metal removal speed, lower cutting force and better orientation. Its typical run-out is only a fraction of the old standard tool, so it can always control the machining tolerances to a smaller range. The losses are also smaller and more desirable. The amount of axial and radial runout is small, which means that the accuracy of the cutting edge is improved, so the appearance of the workpiece is better, the tolerances are shorter, the tool life is longer, and the cutting load is spread more evenly, thereby increasing the cutting speed. Reduce noise, vibration and losses.
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