Sung Hyoung extends life of golf-ball core moulds

Sung Hyoung Precision will use Vicote Coatings’ powder and liquid dispersions to extend the lifespan of its core-moulds and reduce system costs.

Moohyung Kim, chief executive officer of Sung Hyoung Precision, a provider of technological innovation for golf ball core-moulds, said: ‘We chose Vicote Coatings to replace the traditional fluoropolymer and metal plating materials because they provide an excellent combination of good release properties and wear resistance, especially at elevated temperatures ‘This ensures a longer service life of the mould coating and reduces system replacement costs.

‘Because of Vicote Coatings’ scratch and wear resistance, we’ve been able to extend the service life of the core mould from one month to six months.

‘This helps golf ball manufacturers extend the system-replacement cycle significantly.’ Unlike the conventional fluoropolymers, the one-coat Vicote Coatings system eliminates the need for primer and provides a thin single-coating layer with excellent wear resistance and release performance, reducing the need for frequent coating maintenance and logistics costs.

The main ingredient of Vicote Coatings is Victrex Peek polymer, a linear, aromatic, semi-crystalline thermoplastic.

Whether applied to industrial applications such as moulds, automotive, food processing, semiconductor, electronics or pharmaceutical parts, Vicote Coatings are an alternative to fluoropolymer coatings and a good choice for engineers looking to improve wear performance and life of the coated part in their application.

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