The Advantages Of Non-standard Machining Equipment In Industry.

With the idea of industry 4.0, more and more machining enterprises are using cnc machine tools for processing and manufacturing. In addition, many enterprises adopt semi-automatic or automatic machines instead of manual processing and production, which not only promotes the development of machining industry, but also saves manpower and material resources. However, for small and medium-sized mechanical processing plants, due to the lack of funds, they mostly use non-standard machining or production for hardware products.

But with the development of science and technology, many small and medium enterprises recognize the importance of automatic processing of non-standard machinery for the production, this paper is to analyze the non-standard mechanical processing equipment using automated production what are the advantages of the model.

1. Lower labor costs.

With the improvement of talent quality in China, the cost of human resources has also increased, and the problem of human cost that many enterprises ignored has gradually become one of the important costs of enterprises. Using automatic mode or semi-automatic production of non-standard hardware products, can reduce the magnitude of the recruitment and hiring a year for the enterprise, thus will cost for cultivating high-level technical personnel, improve the professional quality of employees, directly reduce the firm's annual monthly manpower cost.

The advantages of non-standard machining equipment in industry.

2. Improve production efficiency.

Automatic mode or semi-automatic mode can ensure the precision and quality in the production, and compared with the traditional human efficiency is much higher, and won't leave, absenteeism, or labor, exhaustion and other issues.

3. Reduce the occurrence probability of industrial accident.

In the process of machining, it is easy for the operator to cause health hazards due to improper operation. Using automatic mode or half automation production, set good program let mechanical automation operation, through the intercom and display the man-machine dialogue, the inductrial injury accident rate reduce greatly, but also can ensure the machining efficiency.

4. Improve product quality, stability and low maintenance of equipment.

The quality of the product is the foundation of the enterprise, and the production of automation mode or semi-automatic mode can guarantee the precision and quality of the product, and the production of automatic equipment can be adjusted, monitored and operated easily. Moreover, automatic or semi-automatic equipment has self-checking procedures, which can also monitor the occurrence of accidents in real time, which can help operators to carry out maintenance timely.

5. Long cycle of environmental protection, energy saving and equipment usage.

The automation equipment is driven by servo motor, and the gap is operated, so it can be saved to a certain extent, which has the advantages of environmental protection and low noise.

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