The characteristics of the throttling short pipe system in automobile air-conditioning

At present, the automobile air conditioners used in China are still mainly compressed refrigeration systems, using open or semi-hermetic compressors, high-efficiency evaporators and condensers. In order to make full use of the oncoming wind speed when the car is started, the condenser is often arranged at the front end of the car, and the evaporator is placed at the bottom of the dashboard or in the car interior, with a hose connection in the middle.

In order to facilitate maintenance, the joints between the pipeline and the components adopt O-rings or screw ports. High temperature, vibration, corrosion, etc. are likely to cause refrigerant leakage. In order to maintain the performance of automobile air conditioners for a certain period of time, liquid storage equipment is usually provided.

According to the different throttling components, the automobile air conditioning system is divided into a thermal expansion valve system and a throttling short pipe system. The former is equipped with a liquid storage dryer behind the condenser to store the refrigerant and ensure that the refrigerant at the inlet of the thermal expansion valve is in the liquid phase; The other is to install a gas-liquid separator in front of the compressor, in addition to storing liquid, it also has the function of avoiding the compressor from liquid hammer. The difference in the liquid storage device makes the throttle short tube automobile air-conditioning system and the thermal expansion valve automobile air-conditioning system show different performance characteristics.

Whether it is a throttling short pipe system or a thermal expansion valve system, for most of the cars in use, it is expected that new environmentally friendly substitutes should have the following characteristics: (1) It can be used as a direct injection substitute without replacing parts. The components can still obtain the same cooling capacity as the original system; (2) no need to replace the lubricating oil; (3) the global greenhouse effect index is relatively low; (4) can reduce operating costs; (5) can extend the service life of the compressor.

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