The Chinese best tools manufacturer

 Sino Mould as the one of China best tools manufacturer, we supply various kinds of plastic tools.

We offering following items of tools:


  • Container moulds/IML;

  • Home appliance moulds;

  •  Pipe fitting moulds;

  •  Automotive Moulds;

  • Packaging moulds;

  •  Different kinds of industry moulds;

When we start the project together with you, we will send you the product design according to your samples/drawing to check until it would be satisfied your requirement;

Second we start mould design according to our experience with reasonable mould structure and good cooling system to achieve shortest cycle time, improve your economic benefits.

Third: We will hold a meeting to discussion your product mating, mould design, examine and verify every important point and arrange the mould tooling processing.

Forth: We purchase the steel start mould tooling ,our experienced project engineer follow every step of progress.

Fifth:T0 test, then send you the first samples for checking, if required do some modification, if you will come to final test mould inspection,that would be good also could know more about our company.

If you have any project related to plastic tools,pls kindly send your enquiry to us.

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