The electroplating process of aluminum wheels

1. As we all know, because the electroplating process of aluminum wheel hub is quite complicated, it uses a variety of brighteners and additives, so its finished product is a sign that shows the level of the enterprise.

2. Aluminum wheel electroplating process

2.1 Pre-treatment

Blank inspection-mechanical polishing-cleaning-drying-inspection-electroplating

2.2 Dipping zinc

Inspection-Pretreatment-Cleaning-Alkaline Corrosion-Cleaning-Cleaning-Dipping Zinc-Cleaning-Removing Zinc-Cleaning-Dipping Zinc-Cleaning-Cleaning

2.3 Copper plating

Pre-nickel-cleaning-activation-acid copper

2.4 Nickel and chromium plating

Polishing-pretreatment-cleaning-activation-degreasing-semi-bright nickel plating-high sulfur nickel plating-bright nickel plating-chrome plating-inspection

The electroplating process of aluminum wheels

3. The specific process of aluminum wheel electroplating process is as follows:

Pre-treatment line: 

1, pre-degreasing — 2, degreasing —-3, hot water washing —-4, hot-water washing —-5, pickling—-6, water-washing—-7, water-washing— 8. Passivation—9, deionized water wash—10, deionized water wash—11, closed—12, deionized water wash—13, deionized water wash—hot air dry– -Drying—Transfer to spraying line

Base powder spraying line:

 1. Electrostatic dust removal – 2. Base powder spraying – 3. Robot transfer line – 4. Drying – 5. Forced cooling – 6. Online polishing – 7 .Manual transfer

Painting line: 

1. Electrostatic dust removal — 2. Primer spraying — 3. Robotic spraying — 4. Flashing — 5. Bright paint spraying — 6. Robotic spraying — 7 .Leveling—8.Robot transfer—9.Drying—10.Strong cooling—11.Manual transfer

Bright powder spraying line:

 1, electrostatic dust removal —2, bright powder spraying —3, robot transfer line —4, drying –5, forced cooling —6, manual transfer line

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