The function of cooling pin

The function of cooling fin is as below:1. It can help providing effective volume for device.2. It can help reducing the power loss of device3. It can help the device node to achieve the permitted highest temperature.4. It can help improving the environment(the temperature around the device and the flow rate of air) When design the cooling fin,there are some points need to pay attention:1. The bigger of the cooling fin’s s superficial area,the better of heat dissipation effect.2. If the setting of cooling fin good for air flow,it can help improving the heat dissipation effect.3. Material Brass and aluminium have good thermal conductivity,they are good choice for cooling fin.4. Increase the thickness of cooling fin is better than increase the length for improving the heat dissipation.5. Doing anodizing of the surface can help anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion,improving the capacity of emissivity,stabilize the heat dissipation effect.6. The economical efficiency of production.
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