The important role of coordinate measuring machine in CNC machining

Specifically, when applying the measuring machine to complete the design and inspection tasks in the cnc machining manufacturing enterprise, it is necessary to pay close attention to the selection of the measurement reference, the calibration and selection of the probe, the planning of the number of measuring points and the measurement position, the establishment of the coordinate system, and the environment. The influence, the influence of local geometric features, CNC machining control parameters and other factors. Each of these factors is sufficient to affect the accuracy and efficiency of the measurement results.
  CNC machining industry
    The coordinate measuring machine is widely used in the CNC machining industry. It is a modern intelligent tool for design development, testing and statistical analysis. It is also an effective tool for the unparalleled quality and technical support of mold products.
If there is a deviation between the core cavity of the mold and the guide bush guide sleeve, the deviation value can be found by the coordinate measuring machine for correction. After the core cavity contour of the mold is machined, many inserts and partial curved surfaces are processed by the electrode on the CNC EDM machine, so that the quality of the electrode processing and the non-standard surface quality become the key to the mold quality. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the shape of the electrode with a coordinate measuring machine.

    The coordinate measuring machine can apply the input of the 3D digital model, compare the positioning, size, related geometrical tolerances, curves and curved surfaces of the finished mold with the digital mold, and output a graphical report to reflect the quality of the mold intuitively and clearly. Form a complete test report of the finished product. In some cases where the mold is used for a period of time and the wear is corrected, but there is no original design data (ie, digital mode), the point cloud can be collected by the cross-section method, output in a prescribed format, and the probe radius is compensated for the shape. Achieve the original repair effect.
   When some surface contours are neither arcs nor parabola, but some irregular surfaces, the surface can be manually used as a bottom embryo with cement or plaster. Then use the coordinate measuring machine to measure the section lines, characteristic lines and parting lines on each section, output in the specified format, the shape of the probe radius compensation, and the smooth curve in the modeling process, so as to design and manufacture a brand new mold.
    The measuring machine is able to provide quality assurance for the mold industry and is the best choice for mold manufacturing companies to measure and inspect. The flexibility of the measuring machine in handling different jobs and its own high precision make it an arbiter. While providing dimensional data for process control, the measuring machine provides additional performance such as in-process product inspection, machine tool calibration, customer quality certification, gauge inspection, machining testing, and optimization of machine settings. The highly flexible CMM can be placed in the workshop environment and directly involved in all stages of mold processing, assembly, trial and repair, providing the necessary test feedback, reducing the number of rework and shortening the mold development cycle, thus ultimately reducing The manufacturing cost of the mold and the production is incorporated into the control.
    The measuring machine has powerful reverse engineering capability and is an ideal digital tool. Through the combination of different types of probes and different structural forms of measuring machines, the three-dimensional data and geometric features of the workpiece surface can be quickly and accurately obtained, which is particularly useful for mold design, sample copying, and repair of damaged molds. In addition, the measuring machine can be equipped with contact and non-contact scanning probes, and use the powerful scanning function provided by PC-DMIS measurement software to complete the replication of complex workpiece CAD models with free-form surface features. It can be directly recognized and programmed by various CAD software without any conversion, which greatly improves the efficiency of mold design.
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