The issue of environmental protection has become the focus of the automotive industry

The State Administration of Machinery Industry held a press conference, announcing that starting from June, the idle speed emission data of new domestically-made registered vehicles without inspection will be announced to the public in the form of a monthly bulletin. A joint investment of 84.67 million yuan by Xi’an Qinghua Electric Manufacturing Factory and Shanghai Aerospace Industry Corporation has been approved by the state. The Beijing Municipal Public Security and Transportation Administration issued a notice to implement a 12-point system for accident violations. So far, motor vehicle drivers in Beijing must strictly regulate their behavior.

The Quality System Certification Center (CAQC) of the China Automotive Products Certification Commission was approved by the National Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision to become the first quality system certification organization in China to obtain the QS-9000 certification, and it issued a ** to Hubei Delphi Automobile Electromechanical Company on August 14 Zhang QS-9000 certificate.

With Beijing’s announcement that it will implement the new “Light Vehicle Emission Standards”, environmental issues have become the focus of the automotive industry. The State Environmental Protection Administration commissioned 10 designated inspection units to be responsible for the inspection and appraisal of the exhaust pollution of newly produced motor vehicles by motor vehicle manufacturers across the country. China Construction Bank resumed its auto consumption loan business, which had been suspended for nearly two years. The five-year loan period is more reasonable, which is conducive to launching the automobile consumer market and expanding domestic demand. The Ministry of Finance, the State Planning Commission, and relevant departments of the State Council drafted a reform plan for road vehicle charging management, and plans to start collecting fuel taxes in 1999. However, due to the need to adjust the work of various departments and the need to amend the road law, the relevant departments have decided to continue to collect road maintenance fees for the time being. Beijing has cancelled the two-year-old “odd and even number” restriction, and replaced it with a flow restriction measure that bans some motor vehicles during peak periods on key roads.

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