The Necessity Of Mold Maintenance

In the process of mold operation, mold maintenance is very important. Mold repaired more times, the mold life will be less. So we must maintain the mold regularly. Let us share with you some of our maintenance experience.


The necessity of mold maintenance


1. Keep the normal movement of the mold and reduce unnecessary wear on the movable parts;


2. Can reach more longer mold life;


3. Reduce oil pollution in production.


The content of mold maintenance


  1. Daily maintenance:


    1. Add lubricating oil to moving parts such as eject pin, guide pin, guide sleeve;


    2. Clean the mold surface;


    3. Clean waterways;


  2. Regular maintenance:


    In addition to daily maintenance, the exhaust slot needs to be cleaned regularly and the damaged part should be corrected in time;


  3. Appearance maintenance:


    1. Paint the outside of the mold to avoid rust;


    2. When the mold is not used, the cavity should be coated with anti-rust agent;


    3. The mold should be closed tightly during storage to prevent dust from entering the cavity.


Precautions for mold maintenance


A. Lubricating oil must be added for daily maintenance of moving parts;


B. The surface of the mold must be clean, and there must be no residue on the parting surface.


C. If there are abnormalities, such as abnormal ejection, loud mold opening and closing, it must be repaired in time.


According to the above maintenance items, the mold can exert its maximum benefit and bring you greater benefits. In addition to molds, we can also provide you with the production line solution-Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.

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