The new type of CNC special-shaped stone processing machine is popular

With the improvement of people’s living standards, it is understandable that consumers pay more attention to their own quality of life and are more concerned about the radioactivity of stone materials. However, as a propaganda media, you must have a deep understanding of the industry, understand the actual situation, neither narrow nor exaggerate, affirm the objective existence of stone radioactivity, explain the origin and reasons of radioactivity, and explain that all materials have the universality of radioactivity and their protective measures. According to the C518-93 standard, scientifically and accurately explain the actual situation of stone radioactivity, so that people can understand stone rationally, use stone, and let natural elegant, luxurious and beautiful stone benefit mankind.

QD2000 full-automatic computer numerical control special-shaped stone processing machine is a product that fills the domestic blank. Because the machine adopts the international advanced numerical control system, it can automatically and continuously process various complex special-shaped stones with one programming, which can complete the processing of plane, curve, A variety of binary curved surfaces with different rules, as well as a variety of revolving bodies, column caps, column seats, spheres, stone lines and Roman columns, etc. The operation of the machine realizes prompts in Chinese, and the screen automatically displays the processing process and automatic processing. The machining tipness adopts advanced reverse intermixing compensation and computer control of the cutter radius mode, slightly up to 0.1mm, and can automatically select the interval according to the curvature intelligently, the machining operation is flexible, and the two-way or one-way machining can be selected. , Select processing of parisons and square materials. The rough cutting speed of this machine is 1~2m/min, and the fine cutting speed is 1~3m/min. The technical level requirements and labor intensity of the workers, and various programming methods can be provided according to the shape and size of the stone, which provides a reliable technical guarantee for the industrial production of special-shaped stones. It only takes about 20 minutes to process a complete stone ball, which improves efficiency. Hundred times, the cost is reduced by about 20 times, and it is known as the “special-shaped stone processing center”.

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