The old yellow knife is still accurate: MX300 series notebook graphics cards are cut into four

Yesterday, Nvidia released two notebook graphics cards, MX 350 and MX 330, which are 640 and 384 stream processors. The performance has reached 2.5 times and 2 times the performance of the i7-1065G7 core. Now, foreign media VideoCardz reports that Nvidia will launch four MX 300 series this year, namely MX 310, MX 330, MX 350 (15W) and MX 350 (25W).

▲via VideoCardz

According to VideoCardz data, the MX 310 is a 256 stream processor, which is the same as the stream processors of the previous generation MX 230 and the previous generation MX 110. MX 330 is a 384 stream processor, the same number of stream processors as the previous generation MX 250 and previous generation MX 150. MX 350 is a 640 stream processor, which has been cut into two versions of 25W and 15W. The difference is in the GPU frequency. The frequency of the 25W version is much higher than that of the 15W.

When you buy a laptop this year, you can roughly think that the MX 330 is at the level of the previous generation MX 250, and the MX 350 full-blood version is 80% of the performance level of the GTX 1050 Max-Q. Notebooks equipped with the new MX graphics card are expected to be available soon.

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