The position of aluminum alloy forging in the national economy

Due to a series of advantages such as small ratio, specific strength, and high specific rigidity, aluminum alloy profiles have been used in every industrial sector. Aluminum alloy castings have become an indispensable raw material for mechanical parts in every industrial sector. All kinds of forgings that can be forged from high-carbon steel can be forged from aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy profiles can be forged on various forging equipment such as forging hammers, mechanical presses, four-column hydraulic presses, upsetting machines, reamers, etc., and can be free forged, free forged, roll forged, upset, roll forged and drilled.

Generally speaking, aluminum alloy forgings with small specifications, simple appearance, and not tightly closed error regulations can be easily forged on a hammer. However, for aluminum alloy forgings with large specifications and strong deformation requirements, water should be used. (Liquid) press to forge. Aiming at the large and medium-sized complicated overall structure of aluminum alloy forging parts, it is not possible to use large and medium-sized die forging hydraulic presses to produce and manufacture. For large and medium-sized fine ring parts, fine ring rolling mills are suitable for rolling and forging. Especially in the past ten years, with the development of scientific and technological progress and the trend of social and economic development, higher and higher regulations have been clearly put forward for raw materials, driving aluminum alloy forgings to be large and medium-sized, high-strength, high-toughness, complex and sophisticated. The development trend of azimuth has greatly promoted the development trend of large, medium and small four-column hydraulic presses and ring forging machines.

With the development trend of China’s transportation industry towards intelligent and efficient operation, the vehicle lightweight regulations for road transport special tools have gradually become apparent, and the call for aluminum to replace steel is increasing, especially in airports where the level of vehicle lightweighting is high. , Space shuttles, railway vehicles, underground railways, rail trains, logistics trucks, cars, ships, ships, artillery, heavy tanks and industrial equipment and other key bearing components and parts. In recent years, many aluminum and aluminum alloy forgings have been used And die forgings to replace the original steel parts, such as airport parts, basically all use aluminum alloy forgings.

At this stage, four-column hydraulic presses for large and medium-sized castings are rare in the world, and China is also one of the few. With the development of intelligent defense technology and the development trend of civil industry, especially the transportation industry, the types and production volume of aluminum alloy forgings are not only limited. Consider the necessity of the Chinese sales market, and there are also very large vacancies in foreign markets. Therefore, the editor of Kunshan Transit Aluminum Forging believes that it is necessary and immediate to quickly build several large, medium and small aluminum alloy forging production lines. It has key practical significance and key practical significance to the rapid development trend of social economy and the intelligence of national defense and military industry. Long-term practical meaning.

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