The proportion of powder metallurgy auto parts is lighter


In terms of corrosion resistance and high-temperature performance, compared with ordinary steel, stainless steel can be thinner and smaller, so as to achieve the purpose of lightening. Compared with castings and forgings, powder metallurgy auto parts have a lighter specific gravity (caused by more micropores). Coupled with its high precision and low cost, it is more and more widely used in auto parts. The lightweight of cast iron castings is mainly manifested in their lower specific gravity than steel castings and forging steel parts. In addition, the production process of cast iron is better than cast steel, and its wear resistance, machinability, thermal conductivity and vibration absorption are also better than steel. The trend of replacing cast steel and forged steel with cast iron is increasing in automobile manufacturing. , Ductile iron crankshaft instead of forging steel parts is the most successful example.

The supply of auto parts has a huge relationship with the production and operation of the company. Insufficient supply will affect production, excessive inventory, and backlog of funds. In response to these situations, we focus on the market mechanism in our actual work, explore a reasonable balance between the supply and demand of auto parts, and establish a supply and demand mechanism suitable for the market economy and our own characteristics, so that the supply of auto parts can serve the production and operation of the enterprise. The role of possession in the national economy cannot be underestimated, and all relevant departments should cooperate closely to give full play to the functions of imported cars. The market capacity of imported auto repair parts is very large, and both need to be imported from abroad and domestic production. The current market is chaotic, but there are many market opportunities. The production and circulation of auto parts should seize the opportunity to occupy the market. The imported auto repair parts market has entered a new peak period. With the changes in the situation, the social demand will increase unabated in the next few years, and the imported batch will not rise significantly. As long as scientific forecasts are made to grasp the changes in imported models, If you fully prepare for the various tasks of market development, you will surely be able to take the initiative and control the market.

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