The selection principle of the best bearing clearance is put forward, which has a certain guiding effect.


Selection of the best bearing clearance. The working clearance of the rolling bearing should first of all ensure safe operation, and secondly, to obtain the longest service life under this condition, thus establishing that the smaller the working clearance is, the better under the conditions of safe operation. Selection principle. There are six main factors affecting bearing clearance: machining accuracy, bearing inner ring interference, bearing outer ring installation conditions, motor end cover assembly interference, operating temperature and bearing load.

Correctly grasp the following three principles to obtain the best free clearance range, and finally select the best working clearance. 1) Principles of safe operation Working clearance is the decisive factor for safe and stable operation. The ball bearing is 0.005mm and the roller bearing is 0.01mm, which is the basis to ensure that under the worst operating conditions, no serious accidents and major economic losses will be caused. condition. 2) Grasping the principle of ambient temperature The main factor that affects the working clearance is the working temperature, and other factors have a relatively small proportion, and only need to be considered comprehensively, and no specific calculation is necessary. It is worth pointing out that the working temperature is the statistical average value under specific operating conditions. The thermal balance conditions of different regions are different, and usually focus on the economic principle of integral life * long in order to obtain higher economic benefits. This means that each application unit can appropriately reduce the clearance according to the average temperature or the highest temperature of its specific working environment. 3) Simplify the management principle of bearing free clearance entered into the process documents, usually also consider the measurement accuracy, tooling, personnel technical level and other related factors, combined with actual experience, simplify and round the calculation results to facilitate management And practical as the principle.

A detailed analysis of the mechanism of rolling bearing fatigue failure and the process of fatigue damage was carried out, and the selection principle of the best bearing clearance was put forward, which has a certain guiding effect on the fatigue fault diagnosis of the bearing and the extension of the life of the bearing.

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