The specific role of CNC machining special fixture components

1) Positioning device
The positioning component of the special machining fixture for cnc machining and its combination is to determine the position of the workpiece in the fixture, that is, to make the workpiece in the correct position relative to the tool and the cutting forming motion, such as the support nail, the support plate, the V-shaped block. , positioning pins, etc.
(2) Clamping device
The clamping device of the special tool for CNC machining is to clamp the workpiece tightly to ensure that the position occupied by the workpiece during positioning is not displaced by external forces such as gravity, inertia force and cutting force during the machining process, and at the same time prevent or Reduce vibration. It is usually a mechanism that includes clamping elements (such as jaws, pressure plates, etc.), force and transmission (such as levers, threaded drive pairs, wedges, cams, etc.) and power units (such as cylinders, cylinders).
(3) Tool setting-guide device
Its function is to determine the position of the fixture relative to the tool, or to guide the tool for machining, such as the tool block, the drill sleeve, the boring sleeve, and the like.
(4) Other components and devices
Such as the orientation member, the operating member and some devices that need to be set according to the special function of the fixture, such as an indexing device, a workpiece ejection device, a loading and unloading device, and the like.
(5) Clip specific
It is used to connect the components and devices of the fixture to make it a unitary base and connect it to the relevant parts of the machine to determine the position of the fixture relative to the machine.
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