Tongyi shares: the company does not have the independent production capacity of photoresist

On November 9, Tongyi Co., Ltd. announced that the company received a letter of concern from the GEM, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange required the company to verify. Please supplementally disclose your company’s chip and 5G industry-related business development. Tongyi Co., Ltd. replied last night that the company does not manufacture photoresist and chips, and does not have the independent production capacity of photoresist and chip-related materials.

The photoresist business involved in the company mainly introduces products such as acrylic resin, KISCO photoinitiator, DKC photosensitizer and color paste from South Korea, which are mainly used in LCD-TFT positive photoresist and other mid-to-high-end markets.

The above-mentioned imported raw materials have entered the continuous testing of domestic photoresist manufacturers and panel manufacturers and achieved some sales, but the sales revenue is relatively small, which does not have a significant impact on the company’s overall performance; the chip business involved in the company is mainly the introduction of driver ICs. Display modules, 5G information security transmission and other fields are promoted, and the current sales revenue accounts for a small proportion.

The 2019 annual report shows that Tongyi Co., Ltd. is an integrated solution provider of mid-to-high-end chemical and Electronic materials. Its products are mainly used in mobile phones and mobile terminals, consumer electronics, smart home appliances, automobiles, new energy, 5G industries, chips and display panels. Parts, functional parts, structural parts or appearance parts of brand customer products in other fields.

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