Trump can post again, fans can repost to Facebook and Twitter

Netease Technology News, May 5, according to foreign media reports, former U.S. President Donald Trump's "Save America" Political Action Committee website has added features that allow him to post comments and video content, and His fans can share it with others. So far, Trump has been banned from posting on major US social media sites such as Facebook.


The day before this news was announced, media reports stated that the Facebook supervisory committee is expected to make a decision and announce it soon on whether to lift the ban on Trump’s Facebook account. If his Facebook account is lifted, Trump's right to post on the Facebook platform will be restored.

Trump added a new label "From Donald Trump's Desk" to his "Save America" Political Action Committee website, allowing him to publish his own press releases and videos. For Trump's content, his fans can repost it on Facebook and Twitter.

During the U.S. presidential election last year, Trump released a lot of false information about the U.S. presidential election on TV and social media, claiming that the U.S. presidential election day on November 3 last year was manipulated and his presidency was stolen. In addition, it is generally believed that because of his inflammatory and supportive remarks on violence, it also directly triggered the violent attack on Capitol Hill in the United States. For these reasons, Trump's accounts on major US social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have been blocked. (Tianmen Mountain)

Source: NetEase Technology Report, translated by Google Translate

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