Type of wire tapping design for cnc processing technology

1, cnc straight groove tapping (H.TAP): shallow hole, short chip material or sheet metal effect. (hand tapping)
2, cnc apex tapping (P.TAP): the wire tapping lead part has an inclined surface, so that the guiding debris is discharged to the front of the wire tapping during tapping, which is suitable for through hole tapping.
3, cnc spiral wire tapping (S. TAP): through the 10-450 spiral angle chip ditch, the chips are discharged from the blind holes or the stepped holes that are difficult to remove the chips to the rear end of the wire tapping.
4, cnc chipless wire tapping (R.TAP): wire tapping screw teeth are all without chipping ditch (partial specifications have lubrication grooves), the thread is extruded by cold working principle, mostly used for soft materials or light Alloy, also suitable for stainless steel
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