Use common sense of car lights

Car lights are like the eyes of a car, whether it is day or night, it plays a role, but because it is mainly glass electronic products, it is relatively delicate. If used and maintained improperly, the life of the car lights will be reduced and a series of failures will occur. Therefore, if you understand the relevant knowledge of the use of car lights, you can better use the car lights to ensure driving safety

Why does PART1 car lights fail?

In addition to the normal life of the car lights, the problem of the car lights is generally related to the quality of the car lights, and the other is related to illegal modification. The headlight* is afraid of water ingress. If the car lights are not sealed well, there will be water vapor, the filaments will be easily burned out, and the reflective surface will easily change color. Therefore, there will be problems with the light emitted after a failure.


If the car owner finds that the car lights are foggy when driving in the morning, wipe it off and turn on the lights. If the fog disappears within 40 minutes, then the lights will not be a big problem, and if the fog from the lights is still an hour later, That means there is a problem with the sealing of the car lights. Whether there will be problems with car lights, first of all, it is related to the quality, and the other is related to the installation. If there is a problem in the maintenance process of the car lights, and the coordination between the different procedures is not good enough, it may be that the seal is not good.

How PART2 avoids car lights from malfunctioning

If you want to prevent abnormal malfunction of the car lights, you must pay attention to the usual usage. First of all, the car lights should not be soaked in water. When the car is driving, the water splashing from the front will generally have no effect on the lights. If the front cover is opened during the car wash, the water pressure gun is used to flush the engine and lights. , Then the car lights are very easy to get water at this time, some manufacturers stipulate that when washing the car, only a cloth can be used to scrub the engine, not water. Because the plastic used in the fixed installation position of the car lamp is only dustproof, but not waterproof.


Car lights *It is better to use original parts, and illegally modified car lights may melt, burst, and reflect improperly. In the process of installing car lights, Toyota stipulates that you cannot touch the bulbs with your hands, because if sweat is left on the lights, the lights may burst. In addition, when the car lights are modified, they must meet the original requirements of the car, such as the wattage specified for the car lights, whether the lamp is a hernia lamp or a halogen lamp, etc. It is relatively easy to distinguish the situation that the car lights are fogged, and other situations occur. It must be overhauled quickly. Now there are more electronic components used in car lights, and more high-voltage electricity is used, so you must be careful about the voltage of the car lights when refitting.

How does PART3 car owner self-check the lamp failure

If the car owner feels that the lights are not very suitable or unsatisfactory when used, it is best to go to the 4S shop for repair or debugging. The high beam has no condensing effect, and the low beam has a condensing effect, but the high beam does not mean that the higher the better. When the 4S shop is doing car maintenance, it will mainly look at the brightness and height of the car lights, whether there is water ingress, whether there are bursts, etc. It is still easy to identify whether there are problems with the car lights during the maintenance process. If the car owner wants to distinguish whether there is a problem with the car light, it mainly depends on the intensity of the car light, whether it is concentrated, and whether there is water ingress.

Generally speaking, car lights are dim, not focused, water, dust, etc. are indifferent to many car owners, and they will not care at all. Generally, car owners after four or five years do not care much. Unless it is said that it cannot be passed during the annual review. In this case, some car owners will choose to return to the 4S shop for repairs. However, this situation is inappropriate, because problems with the car lights will pose a certain threat to driving safety regardless of their size. Therefore, regardless of whether the annual inspection, as long as the car lights are in condition, they must go back to the factory for inspection and repair in time.


There will be no problems with the quality of the original parts of the manufacturer, and various problems may occur with the auxiliary parts. For 4S shops, there are not many ways to distinguish between original parts and secondary parts. Generally speaking, the original parts have confidence in the quality, so the sales date will not be posted when they are sold, while the secondary parts will be sold. Date to determine the time of the warranty. Another way to distinguish is to look at the clarity of the relevant logo.

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