What are the advantages and disadvantages of molding and extrusion of silicone products?


Definition of molded silicone products:



The silica gel raw material or the rubber raw material is processed into a silicone processing of the product by heating and pressurization in a closed cavity. Usually, the raw material is uniformly stirred into the mixture by a mixer, and then the mold is moved to a vulcanization molding machine, and then the molding is closed, and after several steps of molding, solidification or vulcanization, the mold is finally released. This process is suitable for the processing of thermosetting materials

Advantages of molded silicone products:

a. Can be used to make any shape

b. High precision, the shape of the goods is neat and beautiful.

Products can be painted in multiple colors.

Molded silicone product defects:

a. The general machine can only have an aspect ratio of 500*500mm

There are many wool edges and waste products in the production process.

The cost of the mold is high, and the development time is 7~25 working days.

Definition of extruded silicone products:

Extrusion is usually based on the type of polymer processing and the shape of the product or semi-finished product, the extruder, the mold, and the corresponding equipment such as setting and drawing, and finally determining the extrusion process conditions.

Advantages of extruded silicone products:

a. Can be used for a long time, such as silicone tube.

b. The production of products is fast and the production capacity is high.

c. very few wastes are produced

The mold cost is low, the development is convenient, and the speed is fast.

Disadvantages of extruded silicone products:

a. Can only be in a strip.

Poor precision

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