What is called rough CNC machining of non-standard parts ?

The cnc machining parts is no stranger to us, it just serves as a fastener in the product.The composition of any product must be made by parts. Although the part is small, its role is quite large in many products.We can literally understand that there are no standard parts for non-standard parts.Processing is just a process, and most of the products need to be processed. What is the rough machining of non-standard / CNC machining parts?
Roughing is to quickly remove the remaining amount of the blank. During roughing, a large feed and a maximum cutting depth should be selected to remove as many chips as possible in a short period of time. Rough machining does not require high surface quality. Generally, the cutting bluntness of a tool is a significant increase in cutting force, that is, the wear width VB of the tool face is the standard later.
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