What is metal precision stamping

Precision stamping is a fast and economical manufacturing process for large quantities of complex products. Precision metal stamping improves the speed and accuracy of complex stamping applications by allowing the stamping, folding, drawing, or piercing of a product in a single or series operations. There are three major precision stamping applications currently in use at factories around the world: micro-precision stamping, intricate precision metalwork, and prototype design. 

Precision stamping process has many advantages over other processes like lower cost, tighter tolerances and increased production rates. Precision stamping can be highly automated, making the process well-suited for high-volume because labor costs drop as production levels increase. There are also disadvantages of precision metal stamping. Upfront tooling costs, however, may render precision stamping ineffective for smaller production runs. Other factors to consider include long lead times and difficulty making design changes once the tools have been created.

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