What Is Silicone Baby Food Feeder

Design: Our silicone baby food feeder with a pacifier on the surface of silicone, which not only makes the baby like to grasp it as a simple teething toy, but also introduces some fruits and food. 

Materials: Our silicone baby food feeder are made from the highest level of food grade silicone resin, without bisphenol A, latex, oil, lead and phthalate. So babies can chew safely and clean very easily. Unlike other products that use mesh, all you do is wash or boil the nipple of the feeder in warm, soapy water.

Size: Our silicone baby food feeder – 4.2 * 2 * 1.5 inches, suitable for 6-12 months of age. The hole of the impact device is very small, which is very important for safety, that is, there is no big piece or any large enough to make the baby choke into the baby's mouth.

Color: Our silicone baby food feeder comes in four colors – blue, pink, orange and green. Healthy colors will win the baby's love.

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